Advice & Tips: Enjoy the Ride


The beginning of an exciting new phase of life is quickly approaching but also the end of a very special chapter is coming to a close. The chapter coming to a close is one that taught me useful things. Like how to vacuum, check my credit card statement, fold laundry, and kill spiders. It saw me at my absolute best and absolute worst. It gave me a place to grow. It is one where I learned to be independent and strong. Where I discovered who I am as a person, and who I can be.

I am trying to not get so caught up in my plans for the future that I forget to enjoy the present. I have my entire life to work, but only two months left to be a college student. So, below I am sharing a few things I want to take the time to enjoy these next 2 months and also tips to help prepare for the “work world” ahead.

1.  Enjoy the journey.

Life is definitely a journey. The world is big, there are a lot of people in it, and there is a lot of fun to be had, so learn to yes more. Because you will miss those moments when your friends are all together, doing absolutely nothing .

2.  Be the best version of yourself 

You learn a lot about yourself in college through living on your own for the first time, and moving away from home. Through all of the good and bad there are plenty of lessons to be learned. Take each of those times and figure out who you are, and be the best version of your self you can be.

3. Find a healthy balance

Find a healthy balance between work and personal life. Take care of yourself. Know when to turn your phone on silent, give your mind a break and unplug.

4. Be persistent 

If you want something bad enough keep working for it, no matter how many times you might get rejected. Put in the time and effort and the results you want will come. Just  be dedicated to achieving it.

5. Don’t be intimidated

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end.

 6. Say thank you

Thank your friends who cheered you on during those all-nighters and your mom and dad for the daily phone calls. Take time to recognize and say thank you to the people that got you to where you are today.

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Life is a learning experience and everything has value, even your failures.

8. Love 

Love your family, pets and friends. But most importantly love yourself for who you are and who you want to become.


9. A 5 year plan

Continue to set and accomplish new goals.

xoxo, lib



Small Things


Below I am sharing the small things in life that need to be appreciated more often and the things we should make more time for.

  1. Life chats
  2. Hitting all green lights
  3. Lazy days in bed
  4. Laughing (hard and genuinely)
  5. Traveling to new places
  6. Three-day weekends
  7. Movie theater popcorn
  8. Focusing on self improvement
  9. Reflecting on the past
  10. Catching up with old friends
  11. The smell of a summer cookout
  12. When the slow driver in front of you finally turns
  13. The beginning of fall (everything pumpkin-flavored)
  14. Really soft towels after the shower
  15. Driving with the windows down
  16. Focusing on the future
  17. Spring flowers finally blooming after winter
  18. Uninterrupted cruise control
  19. Big fluffy robes
  20. Free shipping
  21. Friday afternoons
  22. A smooth, quality pen

Top 5 Friday: Skincare Routine

Image Skincare ORMEDIC Balancing Facial Cleanser


This facial cleanser is great to keep in the shower to use before bed every night and also to use in the mornings before you start your day.  It leaves your skin soft, hydrated and clean.

Tates Acne Solution


This is my new go to cleanser.  I use it when I wake up, after I work out and before I go to bed. It cleans the skin, removes excess oil, and shrinks pores. Tate’s Natural Miracle Acne Solution has no dyes, colors, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, pesticides, and no animal testing.  You just put a little bit of it on a cotton ball pad to clean the face. It does tend to dry out my skin though, so I always apply my face lotion after which I am sharing below. 

Image Skincare ILUMA Intense Lightening Serum 


I apply this serum after the Tates Acne Solution. It is a  lightweight, oil-free serum that treats skin discolorations and redness. A little bit of it goes a long way which helps to make it last.

Image Skincare Prevention Daily Hydrating Moisturizer spf 30


I apply this daily moisturizer every night after I use my cleanser, acne solution and serum. I also apply it in the mornings after the above routine before I apply my makeup for the day.

Clinique All About Eyes 


I have been using Clinique’s eye cream for the longest time and love it. It helps to decrease any puffiness and dark circles around the eyes after long nights of studying.



Advice & Tips: dear 16 year old me


Wear Sunscreen

It’s no secret SPF is essential during the summer months but it is just as important during the winter months too. So embrace your natural skin tone and never go to a tanning bed.

Learn to Reach 

You have to reach for things you want in life. Reach for people, reach for love, reach for the life you were meant to live.

Don’t be Afraid to Love

Love with all things with your whole heart. Sometimes loving people comes more easily than loving yourself but keep working on it.

Enjoy being Young.

Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy those countless hours spent in the car with your dad teaching you how to drive.  Despite the advice he gave you then you still can’t figure how those curbs always seem to hit your tires.

Wear your Retainer

You didn’t go through 4 years of braces and colorful rubber bands to match each upcoming holiday to not have beautiful straight teeth.


Green Beauty: Coconut Oil 101

Believe it or not, coconut oil is the one product that can be used to heal, cook, clean and moisturize but the best part is that it is 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals. I keep a jar in both the kitchen and bathroom since it has so many practical uses around the home.


Below are a few ways you can incorporate it into your own lifestyle:

Face and Body Moisturizer

Coconut Oil can be used as a moisturizer for your entire face, but I like to put it under my eyes and on my lips before bedtime. It is much more hydrating than average store bought lotions. I often add essential oils (like lavender) to give the oil a calming and spa like scent.

Cracked Heels

 Rub a few drops of coconut oil on cracked and dry heels then cover with socks. This helps to quickly relieve those cracked heels especially during the winter months.  I apply the coconut oil before I go to bed at night.

Shaving Cream

Use coconut oil as a shaving lotion and your legs will literally never feel smoother. Just apply coconut oil direct to the skin and shave as normal.

Eye Make Up Remover

This may be my favorite way to use coconut oil because it just works so well and avoids the  use toxic chemicals. Dab a few drops of coconut oil on a cotton ball pad or q tip to remove eye makeup and you’ll never go back to your Clinique eye maker remover, I promise.

*Leave a little bit on the ends of your eyelashes and it can help them grow

Chapped Lips

Have dry, chapped lips from the winter cold or wind? Use coconut oil as a lip balm to help soothe and heal.



Green Beauty: Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are everywhere and just over the past year I have become obsessed.  Whether it’s a few drops of lavender to help me fall asleep or tea tree oil to quickly clear up any unwanted “blemishes” they can do it all. Essential oils can be diffused, applied topical, added to your food or bath, there is basically no limit. With just a few drops applied to either the hands, feet, wrists, abdomen or lower back they can provide relief for almost anything.


Below I am sharing a few of my favorites and the benefits of each:

Lavender – a calming oil. Use on irritated skin, for muscle tension, headaches, to calm and relax the mind, to reduce stress and for a peaceful sleep.

*lavender is my personal favorite and is a great starter oil to purchase first because it offers so many health benefits, blends well with a lot of other oils and smells so so good! (it makes me feel like I am at a spa – what’s better than that?)

Eucalyptus – Use for coughs, asthma, congestion, respiratory issues, allergies, pneumonia, joint pain and hot flashes.

Peppermint – the cooling oil. Use for respiratory issues, digestive discomfort, pain, headaches, fevers, acid refluxes and to flavor food (feels like icy hot when applied).Lemon – the detox oil. Use for sore throat, seasonal discomfort, gout, kidney stones and for an overall uplifting mood.


Around the Home: 

All-purpose cleaner –  add three drops each of lemon and tea tree oil to warm water, then spray countertops to naturally disinfect.

Natural mosquito repellent – combine one drop each of lemongrass, citronella and eucalyptus oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil

Washing machine – add 10-20 drops of your favorite scent per load

Vacuum cleaner – add 5-10 drops of your favorite oil in your vacuum bag or dust container.

Clean burnt pans – use a few drops of lemon oil and some boiling water to help remove food from pots and pans.

Freshen trash cans – put a cotton ball with two drops each of lemon oil and tea tree oil at the bottom of the trashcan to help decrease the odor and detoxify.

Cleaner dishes – add a few drops of lemon oil to the dishwasher before washing for a spot-free rinse.


Beauty, Skin and Relaxation:

Improve sleep – lavender oil can alleviate insomnia, so sprinkle a few drops on your pillow to help you fall asleep.

Detox bath – mix lavender oil, epsom salts and sea salt to a warm bath to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Calm an upset child – sooth and calm children by adding lavender or chamomile to their stuffed animals.

Foot bath –  add a few drops of lemon and eucalyptus oil to a bowl of warm water to help soothe the feet.

Acne face wash – mixing tea tree oil with raw honey and rub on your face,  then rinse with water.
Fresh breath – use a drop of peppermint essential oil for a natural way to freshen breath.
Reduce wrinkles –  mix 3-5 drops of sandalwood, geranium, lavender and frankincense with an unscented lotion and apply to face (avoid eyes)
Natural skin toner –  mix 1 cup of water with two drops of lavender, geranium and frankincense.
Heal dry cracked feet – add three drops of lavender oil to two tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply to the feet at night and put on some socks
Relieve nausea – Breathe in peppermint oil and apply to your neck and upper chest


Remedies and Natural Medicine:

Migraine headache relief – combine lavender and peppermint oil and apply to temples to help with headaches and migraines.

Reduce cough or sinuses – add a few drops of eucalyptus into a diffuser.

Improve concentration – inhale grapefruit or peppermint oil

Relieve PMS – mix two drops of sage, basil and rosemary, then apply to a warm, moist hand towel and apply to abdomen.

Energize your workout –  Inhale peppermint oil

Relieve motion sickness – use peppermint, lavender and ginger oil


Advice & Tips: Goals for 2016

As 2015 drew to a close I’ve been reflecting over the past 12 months and all that has happened. Overall, it was a wonderful year. I began my senior year of college, my sister got married and my brother got engaged. So many great things happened that they pretty much out shined any of the negatives.
I’m really excited for a fresh new year to start and I’ve got a whole new list filled with goals and inspirations to tackle in 2016
  1. Organize my life (find a job).
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Get 7 hours of sleep.
  4. Take a daily walk.
  5. Read more for pleasure.
  6. Up my skincare routine
  7. Be more present.

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